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The House of the Gauntlet has a long history in the Realm. It has had several name changes from its beginnings up to now and when the Regency was instituted the Leaders of the guild, Ragnar , now deceased, and Molly Teach, were given the task of guarding and protecting The Hedge Maze, Skara Brae, Yew and surrounding areas.

Ragnar and Molly were dubbed Baron and Baroness. At that time they became loyal Vassals of the Regency, sworn to serve the crown. Their lands were then made a County and at that time they were titled Count and Countess of Hedge's Run, The House of the Gauntlet. 'The House of the Gauntlet', a royal house, was awarded to Ragnar and Molly by the Regency in honor of their longstanding service in arms to the Crown and it's Loyal Vassals.

In more recent times they changed the name of their guild to reflect the name of the House of the Gauntlet (H*G or H+G) and had taken on the title given by the acting Regent of Duke and Duchess. With this title change and name change their responsibilities greatly increased to include the protection of Yew as members of the Commonwealth. With the disbanding of the Commonwealth the guild still aids when needed but the Yew Militia currently protects the area.

The House Gauntlet no longer serves the Regent but we maintain an amicable relationship with them. We are now the Vassal Lords of the city of Luna. With the forming of the Royal Court of Light in Luna a new era has come to the guild. The Royal Court is a council government of Light guilds in Luna and greater Malas. The Guild acts as the guardians of Luna and they are the formal guards for the Royal Court. The House of the Gauntlet has also forged an alliance with the Legion of Honor, lead by Lord Malo. The Legion of Honor is also are from Greater Malas. This alliance should prove to strengthen our abilities to keep the darkness at bay.

Since the death of the Grand Duke, and their son, Ethan’s mysterious disappearance, Grand Duchess Molly has been counting on her right hand man Shihan Reckoning and her betrothed, Will Kaldhel to help her lead the House of the Gauntlet. Grand Duchess Molly and her future husband Will, have their home and the Gauntlet Headquarters in Malas. The headquarters are located in Luna, across the bridge, headed south towards the caves and the kingdom of Sanctus. Once you cross the long bridge you carefully pass through the brigand camp and head to the edge of the abyss. There you follow the shoreline to the small bridge. The island is on the other side of the bridge. They once had a tower and barracks in Skara Brae Felucca but as fortune had it the elements took those properties in a horrible storm.

The Grand Duchess and her betrothed reside at the Luna Headquarters. The Guild’s original home base is still located on the outskirts of Britain, south of Rivendell and east of the Maze in Felucca. They also hold many properties all over the realm on each of the moons, in Zento and in Greater Malas.

We are a guild who stands for the betterment of our community. We bring light to the realm and defend all that are in distress. Our membership includes those who follow the Virtues as well as those who follow the elven ways. We have members of many races. As long as your focus is of the light we welcome you as members and Allies.

Grand Duchess Molly & Grand Commander Will Kaldhel
Leaders of The House of the Gauntlet